Basic Course

"The Power of the Dreaming" is the basic course of the Dream School and the beginning of the journey of self-transformation through the world of dreams.


  • Why we have lost touch with the dream dimension
  • The laws of the Dream and how they work
  • Ancient dream traditions and Neuroscience
  • The real difference between dreaming and the waking state
  • Techniques to remember your dreams
  • The infinite Dream Territories and how to distinguish them
  • How to liberate yourself from nightmares and to use them to grow
  • Techniques to recover energy and direct it towards your dreams
  • How to awaken lucidity

This course is not an ‘abc’ of dreaming. This is a real, transformative and magical journey suited only for those who are ready to discover the powers contained within themselves.

Today, neuroscience confirms that our brain develops 15% more brain activity in the dream phase than in waking life, and that through lucid dreaming- the ability to consciously wake up in our dreams- it is even possible to intervene on one’s physical body, modifying it significantly.

For many indigenous people and ancient civilizations, dreaming is a real and powerful experience able to transform our plane of reality. When we dream we open doors to infinite territories, allowing us to get in touch with other intelligences, other timelines and other spaces that are infinitely different from the ordinary space in which we live our existence.

But if dreams are so essential to realize our human potential, how come most people today struggle to remember their dreams, or have never had a lucid dream? Investigating these questions and facing this extraordinary journey requires an investment of Attention, to recover what has been buried and forgotten inside of each one of us, but that is not completely lost. Are you ready to embark on this adventure with us?

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Course Includes

  • 25 Lessons

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