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The path of
the dreamer

Every night you access a mysterious field of intelligence.
The Dream School draws knowledge from esoteric traditions
and modern science to guide you trough this field so that you
can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.


The Dream School has been created by a group of lucid dreamers that have been successfully practicing the art of Dreaming for decades. As a result of entering the School, people learn how to guide their own dreams, incorporate them into their everyday lives and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their true potential in order to reach a level of self-mastery.
We are looking for people that want to radically transform their lives, find their soul purpose, and tap into one of humanity’s most ancient and powerful potentials there is: our Dreaming.

Who do you know that is ready to embark on the journey of their Dreams?

Beatrice M.
Basic Course student
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I loved the dream course. I feel that it is a beautiful springboard for all those who, like me, enter the world of dreams for the first time in search of more meaning. We sleep half of our lives and I feel that having even just a little more knowledge about the dream world is really important. The instructors are really competent, they're a well of knowledge and especially because of their own lived experiences that adds value to the course itself. The most significant knowledge for me was when I realized that we're actually continuously immersed in the world of dreams while we sleep and potentially we could live this moment in an active, lucid and conscious way with our consciousness. Everyone can do it, all you need is the exercises and tools provided in the course. I would recommend it to all those who have asked themselves at least once in their life "but who knows what dreaming means" "Who knows why I dreamed of this". I recommend it because having this knowledge really help us live both the world of dreams and our everyday reality with greater awareness.
Sabrina R.
Basic Course Student
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To say that the course was only interesting is a huge understatement. It emerse you in unraveling contents, notions, surprising emotions, tools and a lot of competence on the part of the course teachers. I would do it again and again. The course made me think about so many more aspects than I thought it would and led me to "feel" my body and my sensations much more deeply. Surely learning to be able to "dominate" and "guide" one's dreams and having this type of knowledge is truly incredible. I would recommend the course to anyone because I believe that in each of us there is the capacity, the sensitivity, the greatness and the light to develop skills of dreaming.
Rebecka C.
Rebecka C.
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This Dream course completely changed my life, I have never found a course in dreaming that go into so deep the aspects of what Dreaming mean and the possibility it has for reawakening every aspect of our lives. I would recommend it for anyone who is ready to go on a profound journey of self discovery, who want to explore the dream dimension and learn how to dream both while asleep and while awake.
Join a collective of Spiritual Seekers, Initiates, and Mystics on a transformative Journey of inter-dimensional Self exploration.

Who are we?

We are a group of lucid dreamers that has been training in the use of the power of dreams for many years. Our training takes place in Damanhur, where the ability to dream has been cultivated by collecting information and practices transmitted by civilizations for millennia and shamanic traditions from all over the world, combined with the knowledge transmitted by Falco Tarassaco, founder of Damanhur. From this research a School divided into three levels has been created, through which you can explore the ancient and modern knowledge of the power of dreams. Damanhur is a Federation of Spiritual Communities founded in 1975 in the foothills of the Alps. It is an experience of research into the profound values of existence, conducted through exploration in every area: in the field of work, shared life, culture, art and the search for Consciousness and the subtle energies that guide the universe.


The Power of Dreaming

“The Power of Dreaming” is the basic course of the Dream School and touch upon areas such as the Perception in Reality and in the Dream, the Laws of the Dream, The Dreamer’s Breath, the origin of the fracture between the dream and wakefulness, Lucid Dreaming and much more.

Our dream instructors

Each of our instructors are active practitioners of the Path of Dreaming since many years,
and have reached a level where they’re able to guide people who are new to the path.
However, seeing the vastness of the mysteries of Dreaming, it’s important to always continue learning.
Never trust a teacher who is not also a student.

Formica Coriandolo
I started to have my first lucid dreams when I was eight years old. My passionate journey into the dream dimension began early, first as a self-taught person and then under the careful and expert guidance of Falco Tarassaco, founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur. When he died, Falco left me the task to help those who wish to awaken the ancestral power of the dream, and to transmit everything he taught me in thirty extraordinary, intense and magical years. Since 2013 I have traveled all over the world teaching this knowledge and today, together with other dreamers from the Dream School of Damanhur, I am happy to be able to share the fruit of this research.
Celastrina Calea
From an early age, dreams have been an integral part of how I see the world. In 2013, after a profound spiritual awakening, I started traveling to get in touch with ancient spiritual cultures, from the Himalayas to the Amazon, up until arriving to Damanhur, where I deepened my knowledge of the world of dreams. I am a lucid dreamer and together with other lucid dreamers I have developed effective techniques for awakening lucidity. I use my dreams to go beyond my apparent 'self' and explore its infinite possibilities.
Caribù Sorbo
When I was a child, most of my dreams were lucid. Before falling asleep I decided what to do during the night: go play with a friend, fly at full speed over the rooftops of my city or explore woods and mountains. I knew I was "dreaming" and directed the dream adventures as I pleased. Since 2009 I have lived in Damanhur, a community where I have been involved in education, communication and I have deepened the study of human potential, in particular the art of dreaming. For some years I have been sharing my dream experiments in the online community 'Aware Dreamers'.
Aragosta Menta
Dreams have always preceded the great changes in my life, and since I was a child they have always aroused my interest and curiosity. At Damanhur I have deepened my natural talent in precognition and the potential of the dream journey, together with my other great passion which is theater. In recent years I have been part of research groups and trained both in the field of dreaming and in the theatrical one, until I became a trainer myself, aware of the numerous and profound connections that exist between these two areas.

If you have any questions contact us, we are at your complete disposal!

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