Dream School – 1′ year

Wake up and dream - Pushing the Boundaries of Reality

The 1st year of the Dream School we will lay the foundation of our Dreaming in the years to come.


      • How to recover energy and direct it towards your dreams 
      • Esoteric Physics and the Sole Atom
      • The Path of the 1°, 2° and 3° Quests
      • 5 Psychic Schemes to liberate the channels of the Dream
      • Dream interpretation and its different levels / territories
      • Introduction of our Inner Senses and Personalities
      • The Portrait of your Dreamer
      • Identification of Dream codes and Specialisations
      • Introduction to Astral Travel 
      • Transformation of Memories to liberate trapped energy
      • Techniques to densify the dreamer

The first year of the Dream School is called “Wake up and Dream – Pushing the boundaries of Reality” because to become Dreamers we have to wake up to the magic that surrounds in every moment and learn to use the Sense of Dreaming to push our boundaries both inside and outside of us. When we’re able to go beyond the apparent we wake up to the realisation that Everything is possible. 

To be able to dream we need energy, and every day we unconsciously lose a lot of energy. This is why first year of the Dream School is focused on energy recovery which is then directed to our dreams to allow us to explore to further and deeper dream territories. 

We will work on our habitual behaviours and free ourselves from what limits us to truly realize our dreams, we will ignite the synchronicity in our life and we will start a domino effect of positive events that will give remarkable results for our dreams, our lives and our personal transformation. 

This year lays the fundamental foundation of how to use our energy, our mindset and our actions to become real Dreamers.

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